Garage Doors Repairs

A few things can be quite frustrating after coming home from a long day at work and pulling into the driveway, none more than seeing your garage door get stuck while opening. You’re hungry, tired, and the last thing you want to be dealing with is not being able to get into your garage. When this happens, contact Joe Manna and Sons Garage Doors, Inc. to help repair that faulty garage door.

There are many things that can go wrong with garage doors. You might need a garage door spring repair or the problem could be electrical, mechanical, or even electronic, in the form of a malfunctioning garage door remote. Whatever the case, we deliver exceptional garage door repair. We'll examine every component of a garage door, including the garage openers, to get your door working again. Don't let something like a faulty garage door prevent you from parking in the safety of your own garage.

For excellent residential or commercial garage doors service, call us at Joe Manna and Sons Garage Doors, Inc. and we'll resolve any parking nightmares you may ever have in Brooklyn, NY.

Garage Doors Installations

If you need garage door installation, try to view it as another way of making home improvements. It's a chance to swap out the old for something new. You get a chance to express character and accentuate the style of the house. At Joe Manna and Sons Garage Doors, Inc., we can help you find a door that matches the rest of your home.

We offer excellent garage door service. Choosing us ensures that the garage door you end up buying will work smoothly and without problems. We provide armrlite garage door installation, one of the most popular and reliable garage doors in the industry.We also install commercial garage doors for any busy office. There is no garage door we don’t know how to install.

Garage door installation isn’t the only service related to garage doors. We also install carriage house doors.

For all of your garage door services, look no further than Joe Manna and Sons Garage Doors, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY. We are more than happy to serve you.

Garage Openers

Garage openers are handy miracles of modern technology. A simple press of a button is all you need for the ponderous garage doors to open or close. Unfortunately, even the best-designed machines can break or cease functioning. For instance, the sensor may need an alignment or may need to be updated. You can easily purchase new openers from a reputable garage door company.

At Joe Manna and Sons Garage Doors, Inc., we can help you select a door opener that works best for you. Openers can be chain, belt, screw, or torsion drives. We also offer garage door repairs and installation services, so you can treat us as a one-stop shop for all your garage door needs.

We also provide a lift master garage door remote control, which allows you to operate two different garage doors from most major manufacturers with one remote control, eliminating the need to have multiple remotes in your vehicle.

If your garage door needs attention, call a professional garage contractor from Joe Manna and Sons Garage Doors, Inc. to help. Call us today for more information.